Still Images

20 MLS Ready Photos


Best for apartments, townhouses

and average homes.

40 MLS Ready Photos


Ideal for mid-size properties in order to give a wider selection of images.

60+ MLS Ready Photos


Best for larger properties with many rooms that require detailed shots. Typically between 60 - 80 photos.

Matterport 3D Scan 

Save 10%

Save 10% on Matterport 3D scans when combined with any other Real Estate photo package.

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360-degree Panoramas



Feature the best locations on the property with an embeddable 360-degree photo virtual tour.

*$99.99 without a 2D photo package



Show off more of the property with additional 360 locations. Add $25 for each 5 additional 360 views.

*$149.99 without a 2D photo package


Need something more?

Matterport technology lets the client move through the listing at their

own pace. Show off every detail

and sell listings quicker.

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Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

0 - 2,000 ft²


Apartments or

small dwellings.

2,001 - 3,500 ft²


Townhomes and

smaller houses.

3,501 - 5,000 ft²


Larger Houses.

5,000 ft² = 6¢ per ft²

5,001+ ft²

Please contact us 

for a quote.

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Additional Services

Same-day Rush:

All of our Real Estate packages includes a next-day turn around. If you need it same-day there is an additional 25% fee.

Distant Travel:

We are located in North Delta and serve the entire Vancouver Metro area. Additional charges will apply for travel to outlying communities. We will travel to communities outside of the Metro Vancouver area on a negotiated, per job basis including Squamish, Whistler, Nanaimo, Victoria, Parksville and Chilliwack.  Travel costs beyond our normal area (within Approx. 25KM of our office in North Delta) are subject to $25/hour + $0.50/km charge or as negotiated per job. Any ferry fees, bridge tolls or additional charges will be billed at cost.

Return to Property / Reshoot:

If we are required to return to a property at no fault of our own, there will be an additional minimum $50.00 charge.

Cancellation (without 24 hours notice):

If cancellation is required less than 24 hours prior to the shoot, a minimum $25 charge may apply. If the photographer has already traveled to the work site, travel charges will also apply.

Please note all prices exclude applicable taxes.